What’s your professional Boardwalk or Park Place? Your Liam-Neeson-in-Taken-Very-Particular-Set-of-Skills? Your ikigai?

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Erin L. Albert is a writer, career coach, inter alia.

This holiday season was…different. Next to no travel. No one could go out to eat. Pandemic. Yada yada yada.

That forced a lot of us inside to entertain ourselves, and I’m no exception. I watched a lot of Netflix and cable TV, which candidly is not something I do in a normal year.

One of my new favorites was Get Organized with The Home Edit, a show about a home organizing company (called The Home Edit, based in Nashville, TN), and helping stars (along with the rest of us) get organized. …

“We’ll miss 2020,” said no one ever….but there were a few sparkles during the year. Here are my personal top 10 best things that came out of the year (when the picture above became impossible due to social distancing and a pandemic).

  1. Remote work becoming Main Street and mainstream and how to better manage remote workers
  2. Pharmatology
  3. Sharing The Art of Finding a New or Better Job During a Pandemic
  4. New organizations forming and new networking — here is an example in pharmacy.
  5. More online learning now than ever.
  6. Rutledge vs. PCMA SCOTUS holding (again in my world of pharmacy).

I love showing others what is possible in pharmacy for career development. So, I’m not about to discuss the VA Hospitals as a career avenue for pharmacy (although, that certainly is an interesting career path for many pharmacists).

Instead, I thought I’d talk about another really interesting area of career development for pharmacists — veterinarian pharmacy!

We love our four-legged friends. There have been a record number of adoptions during the #COVID-19 pandemic, and they have really been the stars of many a Zoom call. (This one was my favorite, being a cat lady.) That, coupled with Elanco moving its…

I have a pair of hot pink Chuck Taylors. They’re my fun, comfortable travel shoe (when I used to travel). VP-elect Kamala Harris has some Chucks too. They’re a little slice of coolness these days — nostalgically speaking.

But let’s be honest — they’re also a commodity. They are also just shoes.

There are hundreds of places you can buy them. You can sometimes get them on sale. They come in a ton of colors, and they’re just fun to wear.

(They are still a commodity.)

What one of the largest retail shoe stores on the planet understood, that I…

I am not a dweller in the past. Futuristic is generally in my top 5 strengths. However, in order to properly move forward — pushing ourselves to new heights, trying new experiments, and attempting to make the world a better place, we must first study the past.

This weekend, I did just that for my own personal 2020. It actually wasn’t the parade of horrors that I thought it might be (let’s face it — 2020 wasn’t exactly many people’s best year, and I’m included in that group). …

One of the things that I have liked least about 2020 (like there’s only one thing?!?) is the fact that it has been next to impossible to plan ahead.

Back in the good old days, I used to plan a year ahead, a quarter ahead at least. Now, it feels like getting through the day is a monumental accomplishment in the year that is 2020. Getting through a week? WINNING!

As a marathoner and not a sprinter, I found this alarming. So, I took a mental health day from work, and instead of just getting through the day of 2020…

With little argument, most who follow the punk rock movement would agree that the very first punk rock band in the US was formed in 1974 in Forest Hills, Queens. Two of the original bandmates previously came from a 1965 garage band, the Tangerine Puppets. Eventually, they all took the same surname, modeled after the pseudonym used by Paul McCartney when checking into hotels — Paul Ramon.

This entire miniseries is now exclusively available for Patreon fans of Dr. Albert’s podcast, The Edutainer.

👩‍🎤 Susan Janet Ballion grew up in Southwark, England to a bilingual secretary and a bacteriologist who worked with snakes. She had a difficult childhood. Like most teenage rebels, she wore outlandish clothing and also became well known in the British punk scene.

This entire miniseries is now exclusively available for Patreon fans of Dr. Albert’s podcast, The Edutainer.

Erin L. Albert

Pharmacist, author, lawyer, entrepreneur and The Edutainer Podcast Producer. Opining is my own. www.erinalbert.com

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