Leaning In…In a Different Way

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In 2001, on this day (12/15), the Leaning Tower of Pisa re-opened after an 10 year, extensive 30M Euro renovation — to stabilize it. The engineers never wanted to ensure it was set straight. Instead, engineers worked on stabilizing the tower and lifting it by a half of a degree. They didn’t want to get rid of the lean — because, if they did, who would visit?

I’m a crazy cat lady. I follow Atchoum the Cat on instagram. He’s the cutest little guy. He’s a cat (the first cat?) to ever be diagnosed with werewolf syndrome, or hypertrichosis. His hair grows excessively, due to a genetic disorder.

In my own neck of the woods, Lil Bub was another cat who recently passed (may she rest in peace), who had dwarfism. She had no teeth, and osteopetrosis. Yet, she had millions of fans and followers because of her unusual conditions.

What do the leaning tower, Atchoum, and Lil Bub all have in common? Well, they’re all not covering up their flaws, but they’re leaning in to their flaws or whatever makes them special or stand out. When the engineers went to renovate the leaning tower of Pisa, they never wanted to take out its “leaning” bit, because that’s the bit that makes millions of people visit Pisa every year. There’s nothing special about a vertical building. Atchoum the cat is an insta star because of his werewolf syndrome…he’s special too — it makes him who he is. Lil Bub was a symbol of embracing and thriving even despite, or maybe even because of her issues. She was the ‘underdog’ of cats, and we loved her for it.

Here’s my point for this little post: Never let anyone take away, tell you to minimize, or reduce whatever it is that makes you special. It’s part of who you are, and maybe the BEST part of who you are. There’s magic in the flaws, and it may just be your superpower.


Erin L. Albert in addition to being a crazy cat lady, is a podcaster, writer, and educator. Opinions are her own.

Pharmacist, author, lawyer, entrepreneur and The Edutainer Podcast Producer. Opining is my own. www.erinalbert.com

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