Top Pharmacists & Pharmacist Attorneys on Social Media — 2021

Pharmacists are held to an Oath: The Oath of a Pharmacist.

There are two sections of that Oath that apply to today's post:

  1. I will hold myself and my colleagues to the highest principles of our profession’s moral, ethical and legal conduct.
  2. I will embrace and advocate changes that improve patient care.

I personally believe that these two clauses alone strike at the heart of why pharmacists should be on social media right now — to be held to high principles and to embrace and advocate for change. Social media is a fantastic medium by which to live both of these parts of the Oath.

Tracking the pharmacists and pharmacist attorneys out there who rock social media, I often try to reverse engineer what they’re doing to see how they’ve become successful at what they’re doing, which in turn can be shared and re-applied.

This Labor Day weekend, I returned to the lists that I’ve created and shared a little more on what I think these groups are rocking on one social media platform in particular — LinkedIn.

Here’s the post on #pharmacistattorneys:

⚖️ Just recently conducted the annual review of professionals I follow in #pharmacylaw (#pharmacist + #lawyer) for 2021 to see what they’re up to in terms of #careerdevelopment over the past year. See above chart.

⚖️ Observations:

*Not a lot of job or career switches over the past year
*Although still strong #career variety — beyond the traditional #law firm setting or traditional #pharmacy settings
*Still skews more heavily men than women in this list
*Those with the most followers at LI tend to have other degrees beyond the pharmacy and law degrees, like #MBA, #MS, etc.
*Several teach — part-time or full time
*At least 10 of the professionals listed below served on one or more #nonprofit #association boards (or run them).

⚖️ Pharmacy + Law is a fun combination!

#healthlaw #health #healthcare #healthpolicy #attorney

— — — — — — — — — -

As for the pharmacists, I shared a podcast episode on The Edutainer about what the top men and women pharmacists are doing on LinkedIn in 2021 recently, and, today, I posted another podcast episode on where to get the names of the top 20 men and women pharmacist rock stars in LinkedIn for 2021.

Last, I’ll state that I fundamentally believe that pharmacy students should be taught how to advocate for their profession — and how to use tools like social media during their pharmacy school tours. Often, the schools place a ton of emphasis on pharmacology and clinical pharmacy, but respectfully, that’s just a fraction of what pharmacists do. There’s much, much more to the picture…

…including the 2 parts of the oath above.

Happy Labor Day to all — and particularly to my healthcare colleagues out there — you should be very, VERY proud of making it thus far during the pandemic. Hang in there — and if you’re lucky enough to have the day off — enjoy!

Erin L. Albert is an author and podcaster, inter alia. Her opinions are hers alone above, and not necessarily those of her employers.



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